Overheating Blackberry Curve 9220

I have had my blackberry for almost 6 months now. The model is curve 9220 and for many months I never encountered any problems at all.

But just recently, I experienced an unusual glitch in my experience with the phone. My phone suddenly was overheating (as hot as a mug full of hot coffee!) and the battery that is full charged gets drained in just 2 hours! (Mind you, as in dead batt and not the usual radio off feature).

And some possible reasons I have found from threads are as follow:

1. Falling from a high surface:
Your fault. Something inside might be causing some short-circuits thus making the device heat up. The only thing you can do is take the phone to the service center.

2. Defective batteries: 
This is covered under warranty. You can see that there is a battery warranty document stated inside the phone. Other people even found their battery bloating after their phone overheated. Take them to the store where you purchased the phone.

3. Not updated OS
In some cases, the OS 7.0 has had many negative feedbacks. Try updating the software of your phone but make sure you know what you are doing. One mistake could render your phone useless afterwards. If you’re not sure, contact your service provider and ask them for further instructions in doing so.

4. Media/Memory Card
This is what caused my device to overheat. I was really surprised that such a small card that does not even have cords in it would cause the problems.

I found out that the Blackberry OS as compared to its competitors OS, seemed much more unstable. Unlike other Operating systems, the Blackberry OS is easily affected by bad apps. One example is when I downloaded a flash light app. I did not know that the app was programmed to use my led indicator as the light source. After installing the app, the end call button of my phone started malfunctioning. I solved the problem by doing a security wipe to set my phone into the default settings. And the end-call button was functional again.

And without knowing that my memory card was infected/corrupted, the “mini-machine” that runs my blackberry had to work double to scan the files. Using more power, the overheating starts thus draining the battery easily.

When I removed the card, the surprise was greater as the overheating stopped.
More so, I did not have to take my phone back to the store and undergo all the hassle and waiting. I know that it is the best thing to do but most blackberry after sales experiences in the Philippines proved to be discouraging for many. Since there is no RIM authorized service center here, all phones are shipped back abroad for repair making the wait go from 8-70 days!


If you had the same overheating blackberry experience and used a different troubleshooting method, you are free to share how you were able to fix the problem. 🙂
Overheating Blackberry Curve 9220