About Me


Welcome to an introvert-person-owned-blog! 😀

I am Aurea Rivero, a Filipino girl based in the Philippines.

I am called Auma by my colleagues and for a reason my mother had forgotten already and for which I am also not so sure myself, all my childhood days up ’til now, I am called “Tomey” at home and in our Christian community.

For an overly introvert person, I myself was not so sure as well on what kind of things this blog would be about. But by becoming a netizen, I’ve come to appreciate the fact that blogs are already transitioning from just mere online-diaries to reference materials for online and social awareness through users hands on experiences. I asked questions and found answers if not from threads, but through blogs. So I realized that in this blog, my thoughts would also be somewhat in the direction of helping other answer seekers like me in a wide range of topics using the online medium.

I am someone interested in Arts, Technology, Literature and Philosophy. A multimedia person, a writer and an aspiring director. I love animation, japanese manga and obviously their anime. I love technology and I drool everyday browsing technological advances while dreaming to become testers of latest technologies. Also, I visit a long list of fashion bloggers on a more regular basis than watching tv.

So please hang on for some more, hope you’ll appreciate the kind of thoughts i would be pouring into this baby blog!


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